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Family Medicine
A Little History

The beginnings of Mariposa dates back over 150 years to the Czech Republic. The Harapat family used the natural lush herbal plants around them on the Orlici River for healing and for food. Jan Harapat, the great great grandfather of the owner Dale, traveled throughout the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary providing spiritual and herbal healing to the local people. His knowledge was passed down to Frantisek Harapat and Zofie, then to his son Frantisek. After a dangerous journey to America for freedom, Frantisek built his pioneer home in the forest (lesi) at Brook Park, Minnesota with his wife Mary in the late 1880’s. They gathered herbs and berries at their farm on old Highway 23. His son Stanislav (Stanley) passed on this respect for herbal plants, berries, and trees to his son Dale Harapat. After studying Naturopathic Medicine, Herbs and Homeopathics in Australia, Dale with his daughters, Makahla and Marina opened up Mariposa Herb Company in 1999.

Mariposa offers extensive hand made proprietary blends of herbs in teas, tinctures and capsule formulations. The remedies are freshly made and formulated with historic practical knowledge based on successful treatments from hundreds of patients or from personal experiences. They are multi-symptom formulas featuring herbs that work on strengthening and toning the organs, building a better immune system, and aiding in the person’s own natural recovery by enhancing their vital force or life force. Mariposa Herb Company is dedicated to Jan, Frantisek, Frantisek, Stanley, Mary, Zofie and Dorothy.

Our web site is just a sampling of the wide assortment of herbs and natural products offered in our shop. The next time you visit New Mexico…the big state between Arizona and Texas…stop in and see us! We are located at 2101 S 1st St.

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